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32 | Successful CRM Implementation With Abbie Mirata

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Transcript Abbie: Think of your own team in something like this as a customer, and what are we doing when we open a brand new community, we are doing, we’re creating a VIP list. We are putting information out there. We’re doing a drip campaign. We’re getting people excited. We’re getting, we’re building the urgency. […]

31 | Instant Self-Service Access With Lynne Davis

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Transcript Episode 31_FINAL_LOUD Lynne: About a quarter of our audience is staying home instead of looking at houses, but 75% of people are still coming out and home shopping. Once they know they can have instant self-service access. One of our clients decided that he was going to use and are now to overcome the […]

30 | Relationships Over Transactions

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Transcript Steve: The pendulum has swung back the other way. For the past 15 years, everything has been about automation and efficiency and efficiency and efficiency and automating relationships. And so I think we reached, you know, the, the maximum capacity, you know, on that messaging. And automation is great. We use automation to, but […]

29 | Creating Certainty In Uncertain Times

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Transcript Chad: Yeah. Thanks. Thank you. And I think that what’s, what’s interesting is that I think this is what you, you need more of. I think we, I just said, before we got on the call, that over the next two weeks, there’s going to be more content consumed than ever in the history […]

28 | Back To The Basics: How To Overcome Objections

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Transcript [00:01:00] Matt: Hi and welcome to Building Perspective with Matt Riley and Mollie Elkman.  Mollie: We’re here to bring value to you and your team by exploring all things sales and marketing related,  Matt: all from different perspectives. Today, our focus discussion of the week is. Back to the basics, how to overcome objections […]

27 | State of The Union on Social Media

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Transcript [00:00:00] Chelsey: When it all comes down to it. Can people really imagine a life without social media and without Facebook and without Instagram anymore? And I think these sites have made such a large impact that regardless of what news comes in and out and what phases come in and out, it. Well, […]

26 | Show Me, Don’t Tell Me With Jon Sherman

Transcript [00:00:00] Jon: The idea is, is that, you know, square footage and number of bathrooms and, and, and those features are things that are really at the filter level for which houses are acceptable for you to look at, right? But once you get there and you’re on the lot and you’re walking around […]

25 | Increasing Sales with the Enneagram of Personality With Quint Lears

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Transcript [00:00:00] But then the next question is, what is your why? And there’s a gentleman in Albuquerque that has a program called the nine whys. So I’m studying that, and my wife just reads really random, weird, deep things, and she goes, that sounds like the Enneagram. So I’m like, what is the Enneagram? […]

24 | GMS (Good Market Syndrome)

Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: It’s for me. When I look at things as the market’s going really, really well, I don’t want us to lose focus on the basics, right? It’s like going back to the basics as well as, what can we be doing and focusing on and putting our time, effort, energy, money, all […]

23 | Building Perspective LIVE From IBS

Transcript [00:00:00] Hi and welcome to building perspective with Matt Riley and Mollie Elkman. We’re here to bring value to you and your team by exploring all things sales and marketing. All from different perspectives. And today, our focus discussion of the week this week is the international builders show. So I’m sure our listeners […]