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Builders know… The site makes all the difference!

By now, every builder knows that getting potential home buyers to his/her website is critical. But what’s the best way to get them there? Advertising online is the obvious answer, but what site? Paid? Unpaid? ILS? Social media? With so many options for Internet audiences, it is not enough to just be a presence on […]

Marketing to Baby Boomers

Being over 50 isn’t what it used to be. Think about what being 50 looked like to your parents and grandparents. Today, it’s very different. Baby Boomers are different. They are busier, healthier and more active than their predecessors – and their decisions about how to live their “golden years” reflect that. Today’s 55+ generation […]

Fall Into More Sales With These Seasonal Open House Ideas

Fall is a great time to have an Open House or two… The weather is cooler, and the seasons are a great source for Open House themes! For example: • Back to School! Held in September, visitors get gift cards for free school supplies, lunch snacks, books, etc. And the door prize is a chance […]

Don’t your communities deserve good photography?

When it comes to portraying your communities and homes in their best light, the old adage is true – a picture is worth a thousand words. A good photo or two can convey so much about your product – whether it’s a great shot of your gorgeous kitchen or a lifestyle photo showing your target […]

How Well Do You Know Your Potential Homebuyers?

Reaching your audience is the key to successful marketing, but in order to reach them, you have to really KNOW them.  Who are they? What do they like? How do they communicate? What’s the best way to communicate with them?  We’ve broken down your various demographics into some simple descriptions that might help you understand […]

Check Out This Builder Magazine Article About The Spring Selling Season!

We wanted to share this article featuring strategies from Group Two’s Mollie Elkman on the approaching Spring selling season!  “The long winter doesn’t have to negatively impact spring sales,” notes Mollie. “In fact, builders can use the weather to their advantage by using marketing messages that resonate with their winter-weary buyers.”  Here a few of […]

What Is Your New vs Used Marketing Message?

Watch President of Group Two Advertising, Mollie Elkman, discuss how to compete against resale/used homes. She addresses why this marketing message is so important to today’s homebuilder and shares some effective ad samples. Visit for more information.

Tis The Season!

Make sure you reach out to your homeowners and prospects this holiday season! Group Two designed some notecards and eblasts that we are happy to customize for you or your company. Email me for details at Happy Holidays from Group Two! Group Two advertising is a full service agency devoted specifically to new home builder […]

‘We’re In Nirvana for Housing’: Zelman

Builders, you need to watch this! Housing prophet, Ivy Zelman is calling the market what it is.. a sellers market. Here are some key points from her video: Most bullish on housing in 22 years Cost of mortgages historically low Consumer sentiment continues to rise Home inventory at 30 year low Now is the time […]