Speaking Google’s ad language… fluently.

More quality traffic — no more wasted spend.

When Verity Homes realized their paid ads were underperforming, our digital experts stepped in. As builder-focused advertisers, we not only know how to speak Google’s language, we know how to speak a builder’s language — which means we know exactly how to tailor ads to buyers. From keywords to smart bidding, there was no learning curve involved in our strategy, so we got Verity the results they needed without wasted time or money.

  • With first-party data and insights from our builders across the country, we refined Verity’s keyword list and eliminated waste.
  • We added responsive ads into the mix, which directly increased impressions and drove click-through rates well above the industry average.
  • Through Google’s “smart bidding,” and other agency best practices, we delivered leads (calls and request form submits) at an ideal cost-per-conversion — up over 300% from the previous 3-month reporting period.

The Results:

% Click-Through Rate
% Lead-Increase
$ Cost-Per-Lead