Buyer Journey Breakdown Part 3: The Bottom

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The time has finally come — part 3, the finale, the end. We’re ready to talk about the very bottom of your funnel, where you’re ready to convert qualified leads into sales. In the last part of our Buyer Journey Breakdown blog series, we took you through the most effective ways to meet your buyers in the middle of the sales funnel, the point where their buying mentality shifts. Now that they have real intent and are ready to make a move, the stage is set for you to drive a sale. Are you ready?

Meet Your Home Buyers at the Bottom

After you’ve engaged and educated your potential buyers about your product and expertise, you’ve given them multiple reasons to seriously consider choosing you. Now that you’ve made it this far, your tactics will change from offering resourceful information and building trust in your brand to providing clear-cut reasons for them to convert. Consider this step as the chance to give your potential buyers a “gentle push” towards a purchase.

While the second part of our Buyer Journey Breakdown blog series discussed the best ways to foster, trust, and highlight what makes you unique, the bottom of the funnel is all about personalized content that proves your value. When buyers are finally ready to make a purchase, you have to show up exactly where they are with the kind of content that knows them and what they want — content that incites a move.

Tactics at the Bottom of the Funnel

Just like the rest of the sales funnel, the marketing strategies you use remain the same while the messaging changes. It should be no surprise that the “tone” of your bottom-of-the-funnel tactics are far more sales-y than anywhere else in the process. But you still have to retain your unique brand voice while you speak to prospects — no human wants to feel like a sale; they want to be the “hero” of your story.

One of the best ways to do this is to meet your prospects where they are in the process. At this stage in the game, they’re actively looking at homes and you should be using words and phrases that they’re familiar with, like “Set Up a Showing” and “Get Your VIP Tour Today.”

  • Social Media: daily organic posts that have clear calls to action, i.e. “The Home You’ve Been Looking For” and “The Home Features You Deserve,” and push “Get off the Fence” content
  • Email: personalized messages optimized for open rates and click-throughs that highlight special, unique home features, incentives, and/or inventory homes
  • Paid Social Advertising: MIR homes advertised to CRM list/retargeting audience that have been looking on specific pages of your website
  • Facebook/Instagram Live: an “exclusive” video tour of a “hot” home (that may or may not be offering a deal)
  • Blogs: “personalized” content that speaks directly to homeowners who want/need a new home, as well as how your homes/communities fit a buyer’s criteria and exceed expectations, and specific MIR homes or time-sensitive incentives
  • Google Ads: drive traffic though concise, appealing ads that promote featured homes, communities, and incentives utilizing intent-based search keywords
  • YouTube Videos: show buyers how your homes can improve their lives, i.e. “What Life Looks Like in a (Builder) Home” and “Why a (Builder) Home is the Home For You”

This is The End… Until Next Time

Now that you’ve made it to the very end of our series, we think it’s time to retrace our steps and reiterate the significance of giving each and every part of your sales funnel the attention it deserves, as opposed to just the last place that a buyer comes from before filling out your contact form. Each of your marketing channels plays a role in a buyer’s journey (no matter which one ultimately “caused” the conversion) and should be valued accordingly. 

In order to make smart marketing decisions now and in the future, it’s wise to analyze the entire process that each buyer took to make a purchase — from finding you from an organic post on Facebook to watching a home tour and learning about it on YouTube. Therefore, it’s safe to say that understanding how buyers come to make a purchase with you is your gateway to increased sales.

Thank you for sticking with us along this journey! We’re grateful that you went all the way down our “blog funnel.” Stay tuned for more marketing strategies… We can’t wait to talk next!


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