Builders…Drive Low Cost Web Traffic Through Facebook Carousel Ads!

Facebook carousel ads may not be new to you, but are you using them to your best advantage?  According to Facebook, a compelling carousel ad may help reduce your cost-per-acquisition by about 30%-50%, and decrease your cost-per-click by 20%-30%.

For builders, carousel ads, which showcase 3 to 5 images, are a great opportunity to list quick delivery homes, available floor plans or even your community’s unique selling points. And if you’re already using it for this strategy, then “Bravo!”

In addition to these effective strategies, here are two other creative ways to implement your carousel ads: 

1.Introducing a New Community
By default, there are three sets of images and links that you can promote, and the targeted user clicks an arrow to view beyond the first two within the desktop news feed. Why not combine these images into one overall message and introduce a new community?


This is a fantastic way to tease a Facebook user and incentivize them to scroll through the other images, especially if there’s an actual incentive at the end of it!

2. Display A Community Through an Area Map
Another way to introduce a new community and immediately educate people on its location is to create an area map.

Use these guidelines to design an ad that looks great everywhere it appears on Facebook:

  1. Make sure you use only high quality photos
  2. Design each image to fit 600×600 pixels
  3. Remember that each image is allowed to be comprised of 20% or less copy


If you have any questions about carousel ads or Facebook in general, give us a call and let us help you showcase your homes in a targeted and cost effective way OR visit our website to learn more about our social media program!

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