Builders know… The site makes all the difference!

By now, every builder knows that getting potential home buyers to his/her website is critical. But what’s the best way to get them there? Advertising online is the obvious answer, but what site? Paid? Unpaid? ILS? Social media?

With so many options for Internet audiences, it is not enough to just be a presence on the Internet. Not only is it important to show up, but also it is also vital to show up on a variety of sites with a strong message.

In general, search engines are the source for 66% of all builder website traffic. And 59% of that is Google! So, obviously, having a presence through Google, while utilizing the Google analytics, is highly advisable.

If a potential buyer is already aware of you, they are more likely to come back to your site from a social media website that they can interact and engage with– like Facebook or Houzz.

Here are some options to consider:

Real Estate Sites
Being a presence on sites such as Zillow, Trulia, & New Home Directory are not only important in terms of selling your homes, but is also important in targeting your perfect audience. Use these websites to your advantage by targeting specific search criteria such as price point, product to reach your target market.


Social Media Websites
Joining all social media including, but not exclusively, Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, etc., not only leads your audience to your website, but also allows them to personally engage and interact with your company. Posting daily creates an enormously strong presence and a constant reminder to visit your site and see what you have to offer!

Ad Networks
Last, but certainly not least, ad networks are extremely important to increasing your company’s reach and scale. By using ad networks, you can gain access to a broader range of user data, including their buying hobbies and demographic. This allows you to not only align your ads with the right content, but also with the right people!

Whatever sites you may decide to be present on, make sure that you are not only present, but also have a strong message to show to your audiences and they will be sure to come back for more!


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