The Builders’ Guide to Beating Facebook Zero

Facebook ZeroWith Facebook’s latest news feed update, you may be wondering how builders will be affected.  There’s a lot of information out there on how to adjust your page’s content, so we’re here to help.  Here’s a break down of the changes to revamp your social media marketing strategy to to be the most effective.

What are Facebook’s Goals?

  • Keep users on the Facebook platform as long as possible by reverting to being a more social channel.
  • Improve user well being by preventing mindless scrolling through news feeds.
  • Eliminate engagement bait and minimize fake news by businesses and brands. 

How Does Facebook Plan to Do This?

Posts that evoke meaningful interactions and conversations will be prioritized within followers’ news feeds. If an individual follower is regularly engaging with a page’s content through reactions, comments or shares regularly, they will be shown that content first. According to Facebook’s own research, this tends to be content shared by personal accounts, or a user’s family and friends, so these are posts will enjoy priority in news feed rankings.

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Paid ads will not be directly affected, so they will be a vital part of getting in front of buyers.
  • Interactions that require more effort or care are higher in ranking (i.e. sharing or commenting vs. likes or clicks, as well as the length of a comment).
  • People within your network will be even more valuable than those outside. 
  • Quantity of posts does not affect deliverability, but a stronger focus on the quality of each may mean fewer posts will yield better results.

What Can You Do?

  • Facebook for businessStart A Conversation. Post content that starts a conversation that’s not limited to you, but circulates among your followers. Make fewer calls to action that send followers off your page.
  • Boost Your Ad Budgets. Messaging ads and Engagement ads will be beneficial in prompting buyers to start a conversation with your team or to interact directly with a post on your page, as opposed to sending them off the platform.
  • Limit Your Page Like Ads. Getting more page likes from people who are not going to interact with your page will not yield any return, since they’ll never see your posts anyway.
  • Start A Product Catalog. Create a place for all your inventory homes and floorplans to live within the platform, so your followers can consume and share your information without leaving the platform.
  • Play Tag. Whether it’s businesses, organizations, groups or people on your team on in your local area, tagging other pages and accounts will extend your reach to people more likely to interact. The same goes for more specific hashtagging.
  • Be Responsive. If you’re encouraging conversations, make sure you’re replying quickly and thoroughly so there’s more back and forth. A higher response rate is also rewarded.
  • Go Live. Live videos get 6 times as much engagement on average than regular videos! Even popular pre-recorded videos get people watching, but not typically engaging.
  • Experiment A Little. See which images, messaging and concepts work best for you. Is certain wording or questions a trigger for your buyers? Branded vs. non-branded images? Every page is different.
  • Be Seen First. Show your followers how to mark your page as “see first” in their news feed settings. This existing feature letting users choose which pages they see content from could improve your organic reach.

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By Nicolette Miller –
Online Content Strategist

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