Advanced Builder Kick-Off

Week One

Introductory Kick-Off Meeting
Your Builder Marketing Manager will schedule a Zoom Call to introduce you to the full Group Two team and give an overview of the kick-off process.

Homebuilder Intake & Differentiation Exercise
You’ll  receive a link to a quick questionnaire about your homes, communities, and what makes your company different.

Grant us digital access!
Provide us with all the logins we need to get your digital marketing running.
This page explains everything we need.

Differentiation Exercise Meeting
Discuss and review differentiation exercise with full-team (once questionnaires received).

Week Two

We write your positioning strategy
Based on your differentiatiors, we provide you with an internal document that outlines your position in your market.

Marketing Audits
G2 Team to Audit Website, SEO, SEM, Branding, and Competitors (Once logins and passwords received)

Marketing Audit Meeting 
We review the audits to solidify action items and next steps

Week 3-4

Builder to confirm Social & Digital Investment

G2 to launch paid digital campaigns

Positioning Strategy Meeting
We present and review your new positioning strategy.

G2 to design mood board
We take your approved positioning strategy and make it visual. The colors, typography, and imagery that represent who you truly are to your buyers.

Mood Board Call
We present your new mood board to you and review how it will be implemented into your marketing.

Ongoing Bi-Weekly Marketing Meetings