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The International Builders’ Show was a week full of inspiration, education, and fun! In Sales Central, Group Two invited challengers to a little friendly competition on our classic Nintendo Entertainment System… Hear some of Matt and Mollie’s takeaways and exclusive interviews during our Level Up game challenges with Will Duderstadt of M/I Homes, Kevin Oakley of Do You Convert, IBS vloggers Chris Hartley and Ingrid Prince of Trendmaker Homes, and the one and only Quint Lears.


Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley, and others from Group Two dive into a focus discussion to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.


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Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley, and others from Group Two dive into a focus discussion to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.

[00:00:00] Hi and welcome to building perspective with Matt Riley and Mollie Elkman. We’re here to bring value to you and your team by exploring all things sales and marketing. All from different perspectives. And today, our focus discussion of the week this week is the international builders show. So I’m sure our listeners are just as tired as we are.

Just getting back from Vegas. it was a another wonderful builders’ show. So much was going on. We got to see so many of our industry partners, our builders, and this was a. Particularly special builder’s show for both of us [00:01:00] because we were both up for national awards. Yeah, absolutely. That was, that was a ton of fun and an incredibly long day.

A very long day. the, the, takeaway is maybe don’t get dressed for the nationals in the bathroom of the convention center, the bathroom stall of the convention center, and then have to go stand in the cab line. To try to get a ride to season, think we should do a behind the scenes next year because people don’t realize what goes, you know what goes on behind the scenes.

But it was a lot of fun. That’s right. Oh, that’s so funny is speaking of the, speaking of the builder show, ironically, this is literally, as this just popped up, I just got a text message from Quint liers of, I don’t even know what he meant to send me, but it’s a bag of tortilla chips. A picture of a bag of chips.

I don’t even know what, I love it. There will be a follow up text. I can’t, I’m, there’ll be a follow up text to that somehow and based on his talk at [00:02:00] the sales rally, it will be like some life altering awesome advice with a story because he was really one of the highlights of the builder show. Oh yeah.

That was, I, I agree 1000%. I mean, I think, you know, people make the means and the jokes about like, this person won the internet. Well, I think that Quint one, the degree, it was really, that was one of the highlights for me personally. I got to be backstage and meet him when he got off the stage, and I literally was speechless.

I, I. Couldn’t even put into words how special his talk was. And one of the things that I got to see that I don’t think anyone else got to see. I don’t even think he realized he did it, but as soon as he got off the stage and he came into the back. The first thing he did was he took out his phone and he started looking at pictures of his family and I just, it was really cool.

I think, for him, you know, his family [00:03:00] was there with him there. His reason why, and his inspiration and he, is completely legit. When, when he, when he brings that to the table, I mean, it was, it was really cool to watch and to have that experience with him. I’m so happy for him. Yeah, it was, it was awesome.

And what no one else knows this. Quint literally changed his talk a little bit, not his talk, but his opening on the fly. Because when we were doing, when you guys were doing walkthroughs, he had a whole different approach coming into what the show was going to be for him. And it was, he, you know, he, Jason Forrest and I, we were in the car.

We were sitting there talking about it the day before. And, W and Jason had great advice for, for quince, and you know, quote was asking me and I was like, no, I think you just, you go right into your story. And so it was literally like shifting his talk, at least the beginning of his, the intro of his talk, and I think he, he did it, he killed it.

He just [00:04:00] walked right up on stage light. He owned it like he should have and just went right into his talking a story and it was amazing. We want to tie that back to what we’re doing here with this podcast because. Part of what was that resonated so much with Quinn’s passage was your build going up to the top and on your way, bring other people with you, and obviously he said it much.

More eloquently than I just did. But that really resonated because this industry is all about helping other people and building people up. And we do have, you know, today we’re going to share some, of our, our time with some thought leaders in the industry from the builders show, and all of those people do that.

You know, this is become a very collaborative industry of people helping people. And it’s, it’s really something special. Absolutely no. And, and I agree. And I, and I think that, you know, we actually, Quint was one of the ones that we grabbed, live and did a live interview with, after his [00:05:00] talk, the day after his talk at the sales rally.

and so, no, but I think. I agree there’s, we had a ton of great people there giving some really great advice and really great information for everybody. Uh, Mollie, your, I think your talk was really, really impactful as well at the sales rally. You know, it was interesting for you. I’d love to hear what you think too, or what your thought process was too, because.

Or at least after your talk because I think that any from a sales professionals perspective and sales management, which is what the rally is all about, like who that audience is your talk about. You know, becoming 20% better, but it met with them, with the emphasis on the human brain and how people do what they do or should say why they do what they do is always been a fascination for the, for myself and also other like top performing sales people.

I think top sales professionals are always, just. Dying to [00:06:00] understand more about the brain and why people do what they do. And I heard, you know, so what was your feeling post sales rally? Cause that’s the biggest stage there is. Okay. So being on the rally was a really fun experience for me. When I was first asked to do it, my gut instinct was, you know, why would I do that?

I’m not a sales trainer. It’s a new. Experience a new stage and because it made me a little bit uncomfortable, that actually made me say yes, because I’m one of those people that runs towards things that make me uncomfortable. So, I really enjoyed the opportunity. My goal was, as you know, the first speaker was to really make sure that the audience was present and ready to learn and was in the right mindset to absorbs.

Some of the content that was going to be shared with the other speakers who are really getting into the tactical side of sales. So for me, that was, that was really a special moment. I don’t know that I will ever [00:07:00] do it again, but I really, it was fun. Yeah, it was, it’s interesting that you said you don’t know that you would ever do it again.

I thought that you did a great job up there. but I thought it was also even more, incredible because that’s not your scene, right? Like your marketing person, you’re not the sales trainer or salesperson on site like Quinn is that’s getting up there delivering like real time, real live. Like use this in your sales presentation.

Stuff, but I think your talk was much more like, you’ve got to think about these things, bigger picture, and, and how to get better as a whole. So it’s interesting. That’s the, that’s what you think about because you and I haven’t had this discussion at all other than just right now. and so, no, I think that’s, I think that’s really interesting because I thought that, your talk led into the other stuff.

Unbelievably well. Yeah. I thought that the four speakers were very different, and [00:08:00] I know that that’s what Mary was going for was she wanted totally different personalities, totally different styles and it, and it really did go together well. One of the things that I was so excited about was that any HB really opened.

The stage up to some new speakers this year. And you know, some people were probably surprised to see me on the rally. Actually. I know they work cause I had some people say to my face, why are you on the rally? Which, which is humbling. But also, That’s cool. I, you know, for any HB two to also give new voices and opportunity to share their message and what they’ve learned is how our whole industry continues to grow and move forward.

And, and that was, it was really cool to be a part of that because I don’t know that that’s ever happened before and I can’t wait to see who is on it next year cause I have a feeling they’re going to continue that same path of bringing some new diverse voices to the industry. Yeah, no, I agree. [00:09:00] I thought, I thought it was cool to have a, have a different speaker lineup in there.

and then you, obviously you had. Meyers at the end, kind of the staple. It was like his 27th talk or something like that. And when I heard that, well, he called me this past weekend and said he actually didn’t realize, because he said that the sales rally itself hasn’t been going on for 27 years. but I guess they had other things that used to be.

Kind of what the sales rally replaced. and so yeah, he was like, I had no idea until they said that, or they told us or whatever. but yeah, he’s like, man, that was, that’s a long, long time. Yeah. So, no, I thought it was a really great lineup and I’ll tell you, I, I hope for everybody listening that it was a really great show.

I mean, w I think the final attendance numbers aren’t out, but it was close to 100,000 people. and. It was. It was a great show for us being able to connect [00:10:00] with. All of our, our builder partners out there and other industry partners. and just, you know, meeting new people. I said, I was joking this morning in our, in our own team meeting that I’ve, I don’t think I’ve talked so much in three days, in my life.

Like it was just nonstop busy. Yeah, it is. It is everywhere you turn, you see people, you know, people you want to talk to. That’s what it is going to be. Really fun to hear. You know, some of the people that you were able to pull aside and chat with at the show. in addition to that, I mean, we had 20 or 30 builders that we work with who were there.

So we, we had an opportunity to have, FaceTime with some of the people that we talk to daily and don’t see face to face all the time. So that was really fun. And then I have to, of course, give you a shout out for your idea of playing old school video games. That is like the most matte idea ever.

Everyone loved it. You know, it was really fun to have a place to just come and unwind. And [00:11:00] you know. Reminisce on your favorite old school games. And for me, it was special because my son was there and he, you know, he felt totally comfortable because he thinks mommy and daddy played video games for work.

So he was there helping out at, the sales central booth where we, had some challenges. Matt, I believe you were a Victor in your challenge. Is that right? Juror against will Duderstadt and, and super Mario brothers. He, he was not a video gamer. and then later Kevin Oakley and I challenged each other.

Kevin played some type of, some bubble game I’d never played before. Apparently he was a professional, which is why he destroyed me. so yeah, that was, it was crazy. and how all that, how that went, and it was a lot of fun. All right. And so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take a quick break and through the magic of the interwebs, we’re going to transport you live to the [00:12:00] international builders show.

We’ve got. Our interviews got, let’s see. We’ve got will Deuter stat and Kevin Oakley and I tried to, ask them some fun marketing questions while we were, playing our game challenge. So we’ll see if I was able to distract them enough to win. and, and we also had Chris Hartley and Ingrid Prince on there.

They were some of the official IBS vloggers for the week. So it got to hear some of their great takeaways. And also Quint leaders, and we are able to talk to him after his big speech at the sales rally on Wednesday. So stay tuned. We’ve got some really fun interviews live from the international builders show.

all right. The level up challenge here at IBS. We’ve got will [00:13:00] Duderstadt. That’s right. Welcome. We’ll super Mario bros, Mario brothers. So, I’m going first here, so we’re gonna see who makes it for this before they die. And then, while we’ll place. we’re going to ask Wilson questions about, see, I don’t even remember the old centers, like some hideaways here.

So you’re going to provide some commentary. You’re Mario, Mario, right? Okay. Here we go. Down the tune. so, well, what’s the, what? What’s the show look like for you this year? It’s a lot of video games. A lot of, besides video games, right, right. I’m coming back up to, this has been forever really focused on, I’m bumping every dialed in, right.

I go in for the flat up. Oh. You’re not killing it on speed. I’m not killing that on, which ironically, I think you do need a dose of speed at the builder show, right? You do, because it’s such a busy thing. Now I think, are you up or am I still still [00:14:00] going slow as you go? You’re go. All right. Right.

Slowly but surely. But really I think to keep up with everything at the show. You’ve got to move at a pretty quick, we gotta move. I gotta do this. We are, doing a podcast episode recording while we’re playing. Yeah. So it’s going to be asked questions while we’re playing video games. let’s see. Here we go.

So what, do you have plans for the show? We’ll like what are you, what are some musty sessions for you other than. You got clash to the Titans. I mean, that’s it, man. That is, want to see if I still got, Oh, look at that slide. You are bent on ever getting every point. Getting it all. We’re playing for speed. I want you to know, okay, I’m just going, let’s see here.

We aren’t playing for point count. Let me tell you that, right? All right. All right. Let’s see. I’m going to, I’m going to pick it up. So I do think clash of the Titans is kind of, that’s the cool one, man. And even if I wasn’t involved, that’s what I would attend [00:15:00] for sure. You know, if your listeners don’t know anything about it, it’s a debate format.

So two people debate two points of view. But yeah, it’s, it’s more than a normal debate, right? It’s intentionally. Ridiculous, because there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in the world of marketing. We take opposing points of view to the extreme. Sometimes within your organization, you hear like some extreme points of view, right?

So the intent is, let’s give you an example of how silly some of those things sound, and then we’ll reground ourselves at the end, right? trying to go fast. you’re up. I am a, Luigi. I am Louis. Okay, so I’m going to let you get situated before I start shooting questions. Skip in the mushrooms, you’re go.

Okay. I told you in a day, went a little quick there. Why did you guy run faster than mine? So if you hold down the B button, you sprint. So a jumps hold down the bead [00:16:00] button and you sprint nine year old me knew that. Yeah. I’m shocked that I still remember that. Right. yeah. So. Hello, what’s going down right now?

will and I both have died once, will died pretty quickly. Be fair. I was terrible. You weren’t, well, you know, we’re not terrible. Okay. Oh, got the top. Nothing good. No fireworks. I didn’t get any firearm at that time. okay.

So leveling up world one for hot for, I’m going for the boss man here. This music was always so creepy. You’re in the lava, it’s your turn. Slava doesn’t go well. I feel like that might’ve been intentional. No, I just, I do want to be clear. There’s more buttons on this remote than we actually need. That’s right.

That’s right. So for you, well, what is, what do you feel like is a big. That was intentional. [00:17:00] No, it was not. That was intentional. Just want to get out of the shell goose. I mean, he was pretty scary. So what is for you and your team and like, what is the, what’s a book? I really did go, what’s a big initiative for you guys for you this year?

What do you see on the 2020 horizon? I’m dead. So you are, you’re going to have to continue one more. Well, I’m currently further in the game, so Will’s got one life right. So, Nope. Well, I didn’t even get past world war I told you in advance if you weren’t playing jeopardy. Absolutely. There you go. All right, so we just finished Mario challenge with  stats and a checkout.

We’ll, if you’re here, check out Will’s session. for the record. It was terrible that I won that one. so thanks for playing level up podcast style and, have to have you on for real next time. Okay, awesome. Thanks. See ya. [00:18:00] So how as we, as we’re doing this, game challenge, we’re, let’s talk about our IBS takeaways.

You just finished up your clash of the Titans and, you had these, a number of you were able to season number three, so you were able to argue. that, you, you, will, was doing brands, you were, I can’t even think content, content marketing is a waste of time. I mean, the breadth an all time high in the market and your home’s gonna sell anyway before you even get the pictures back for your photographer.

So why bother? Why in character ever, right? Of course. And then, let’s see what else. So will and Alaina money, they argued about brands, the branding’s a complete waste of time. You, nobody cares about brands. and then Christie MacArthur, humans are obsolete. We don’t need sales people anymore. And Dennison kneels, they argued about.

It’s all about the box. Right. Okay. [00:19:00] Chatbots are the answer, which, you know, Kristi used the example of Instagram and the dress that she bought, which is correct. I mean, probably more clothing is sold between Amazon and, Oh my gosh. Gram than probably most retail tee shirts. I buy t-shirts, socks. All of that on probably isn’t happening with owners.

I don’t, I don’t think so. no. The, the closest thing that we’ve seen is a builder in Edmonton started using Stripe, which is an online payment to, to send people who are interested in a VIP list to the ability to take their credit card information to kind of join the inner circle to get first access.

Okay. And that not selling the home online, but giving them the opportunity to. Say I’m serious enough to give you at least a deposit of $500 hold on my credit card, which if you do that, you know, within a week before the launch, in theory, that person never there. They’re showing they’re interested, but we don’t ever actually have [00:20:00] to take their money.

Right. You can refund it. You’re kicking my butt, obviously I’m dead. Oh, you’re still going. Okay. Just for the record. Mercy rule. No, no. You just keep going. This is your, you’re in your element. Here you are playing bubble, bubble, bubble bobble. for the greatest soundtracks of your ugly NES generation. On.

Nintendo NES is here in South central.

I played well yesterday and super Mario brothers and, he did not make it out of level one. Well, disappointing. Yeah. I think, I think I should be disqualified from his awards that he won last night at the national. Yeah. As well. You know, he beat me in one to watch, however, I beat him in super Mario brothers, so I’m not quite sure which one I more important.

I know. there’s no life skill in who to watch.

That’s not even close. All right, go bad. You can steal my life. Actually push a button. Which one? All of them. I don’t know, but somehow you can take my life away from [00:21:00] the push. Like select. It’s what I’m doing. Sorry. It’s not working. Should I? Don’t see me. So the bad thing is this hasn’t happened yet because.

I played this for hours. This is, my neighbor only had like five games and this as well. But, eventually if the timer runs out, this like,  I think is what it’s called, will come and chase us all over the screen. So I remember when, Oh, I remember when the first SEG of Genesis came out and a friend of mine had a Sega and I thought they, they had to be rich because they got a Sega Genesis.

I thought they were really incredibly wealthy. Did they all, did they also have a Nintendo? He also had an intense dose. He had a Nintendo and a Sega. I was like, this is, those people were the millennials of their day. That is correct. Genesis. And it was the, Sonic the hedgehog. And then also it was whatever, some dolphins game, a dolphin, like not football game, but an actual echo.

The dolphin echo the dolphin. [00:22:00] That is the one. So graphics, terrible games. Absolutely. I don’t think I’m helping my image or anything by continuing to play this. It just keep going. You don’t look, I’m thoroughly impressed to team here is not what? Very impressed. I’m impressed at your, your bubble ability here.

I should have died. Wow.

So, key. What’s some of the key takeaways. So far from IBS. Day two we’re on day two. My, one of my favorite cake key takeaways was your session with Dave vecher and Meredith. You guys are talking about the lack of responsiveness. Oh yeah. I had to be somewhere else. I was told that people legitimately like audibly gasped and objected and started.

Started Q. And. A when there was, there was an issue with a Q and a saying that people didn’t just don’t follow up. And unfortunately, [00:23:00] as you’re well aware, I’m glad the answer’s yes. You almost forget to keep talking about is not necessary. It was a stark contrast between the builders, the companies that had an OSC and the ones that did not have an OSC just in the level of any followup, not just a phone call.

but any level of follow up, I think the chat and texting follow up too. It’s not any better. Not really. I mean, certainly if you’re using Atlas, you’ve got some automated responses in there. Buttons. Oh, you still have a light look at you. You’re still going like that. I gave up. And then my other takeaway was the gentleman from Harley Davidson, I think

tactically a lot of takeaways, but this idea of they almost screwed up by focusing on their product too much and not realizing that they were creating community. And. The, what was the takeaway? It was, somebody heard the quote on that said, you know, there’s a, they had the same looking motorcycle or [00:24:00] something as a Yamaha or something.

Their motorcycle is more expensive and the only difference was no, now you lost down, you’re dead, you killed. Make sure you write down pastor and APA to pick up her. I guess there’s no memory on your record that, but if you want to start at level 22 but he said something about, yeah, there’s no difference, but except a no one.

You don’t ever see anybody with a Yamaha tattoo. Right. And the other thing that was interesting, he showed a picture of a motorcycle and he said, now what’s wrong with this picture? And it was that. By law, they have to include a piece on the exhaust that makes, makes it quiet. Does it make it, the first thing that early owners do is take that off because they want people to look at them because they’re proud of the bike.

Right? How you can apply that to a home builder, you know, obviously the product has to be good enough. But right now, the builders don’t want to interact with the customer. We please go away, leave me alone, cost me nothing in warranty, and then I’ll pay thousands of dollars to make you remember me [00:25:00] later when you want to find out.

Absolutely. This is great in a relationship. That’s awesome. Good stuff. Well, Kevin, thanks for joining us on next for having me. Thanks for video game challenge in South central Chelsea. Thank you for choosing bubble bottom. That’s probably the only reason I won this match. Awesome. Thanks. All right. So continuing on with our IBS, building prospective alive version of the podcast I have with me here, Chris Hartley and Ingrid Prince of trend maker hones to be here.

All right. And so guys, as we are on day three of the builder show, Chris, you are almost a voice is almost gone. Yup. So you just finished up your session with, Rhonda and Chad, you and, at least the title Lisa from shell brothers right. So that was, that was awesome. And as we stand here, Chris is, in his Elvis costume, you guys are talking about culture, right?

Company culture. so what, for you guys, what’s been the key, what’s been the key [00:26:00] takeaway for the builder show for you this year? Because this is how many years? This is our fourth year. This is our fourth year. Okay. And so, what were some key takeaways this year for you? So I would say one of the biggest things here, because we were first time people to IBS four years ago, we didn’t know anybody.

And every year we tend to get to know more and more people. And so every year we come back, it’s like a homecoming of friends. And the more people you get to know within the industry, the more you actually gain from the industry. And so as we’re getting to know speakers like yourself, Matt, and quaint leaders and Mollie elk man, and the whole group, we can just really enhance our knowledge.

Because not only do we get to get great content in the class, but because we know you personally, we get more out of it. Right, right. Well, and not only that, you are absolutely a thought leader in the industry and driving a lot of that yourself. Yeah, absolutely. So, Ingrid, so you and Chris both were the, some of the IBS and HB vloggers this year.

so how was that? How’s that been fun for you? It really, actually, it. Still put us out on [00:27:00] our other comfort zone, right? Because it still allowed us to be able to meet new people as well as nourish our old friendships and making sure that we are reconnecting with our friends. but also because we tend to stay in our comfort zone and making sure that we’re talking to the same folks.

Right? but reaching out to everybody else that’s out there that are new to the industry or our new first time attendees. So that has been really cool. Awesome. And what were some key like key session takeaways or like, I’m going to go back and implement this? Well, yes, absolutely. I mean, there’s so much to choose from, but one of the biggest things which I absolutely love and I think Chris and I are definitely live by, is making sure that our company culture is right and on the positive trend, right?

Because it’s easy to get. You know, busy and, with a day to day, but making sure that you’re appreciating your, your team and your vendors, everybody. Right. That’s key to everybody’s success. Awesome. Do you have an Insta three 60 in your hand? I can’t help but, you know, just [00:28:00] get this or do you use it as a show this year?

No. You know what? We were planning on using it at the show and then. You know, stuff happened and we’re Japanese. Right? Well, good for you for at least having it. These things are awesome. You should everybody, if you’re, if you’re a home builder and you don’t have some three 60 cameras, you should. Yeah. So, anyway, but all right guys.

Well, thank you so much and really appreciate both of you and what you do and both of your friendships. You guys are awesome people. And, I will let Chris your voice rest.  I listen to you guys podcast all the time. It’s, thank you. You know, it’s a, it’s a weekly thing for me. It’s on the top. And I love, I love what you guys had.

The building perspective is a great word for it because you know, you have your viewpoint, you have Mollie’s, you’ve won it, and they’re fantastic. And so thank you guys for putting out awesome content. Absolutely love it. Thank you guys. Everybody, you guys travel home safe.

Okay. All right. We’re continuing on our IBS live version of building perspective, and we’ve got the one, the only, the man, the myth, the legend, Quint [00:29:00] liers of new home sales.com Clint, thanks for coming on the show. You. You had your moment, you were on the sales rally yesterday, day two or day three now, and you absolutely slayed it.

that was like, that moment was your moment. You were built for that moment right there. so congratulations. Well done. And you, you took away, an awesome award Tuesday night. The nationals, for, you know, recognize you for all your contributions to age. Being IVs. So congratulations to all of that, and I’ll think all that you’re doing, but what are, what are some key takeaways from the show?

Do you want to share with everybody? you know, that if you miss some key sessions, what were some, what were some big takeaways for you? First, let me say this, and, This is really important. There’s no chance I would have had the opportunity to be a speaker on the sales rally if it wasn’t for group two and specifically Mali Elfman for taking a chance and a risk on me.

So last year I was a speaker at sales central. You, you guys make huge [00:30:00] investments. I mean, big money. I’m not going to talk specifics, but like it costs a ton of money to be a speaker or to be a sponsor at sales central. So I, and a lot of times to ask you to be speaking, so if you, if anybody asks you to.

Yes. Speaker, you need to know that they are extending your, their credibility, their, their reputation and saying, and it’s a ton of money, right? Financially. And so you have a duty and obligation and a responsibility as grant Cardone says to freaking crush it because you have people that are counting on you.

Does that make sense? Absolutely. So like at first big shout out to group two, you’re going to love positivity. It’s, it’s excellent. But let’s get, let’s get ready to get started. I appreciate you guys taking a risk on me because, Oh, you guys have been awesome. Absolutely killed it. so what do you wanna know about the just takeaways here?

What were your, what was your takeaways? What was your takeaway from the show? You know, was there, was there any session that you attended that you specifically attended that stood out, that you, that really stand out for you? Yeah. Well, number one, I don’t, when you come to [00:31:00] IBS, don’t make it like, I think Dave stone said this in his iconic book, new home sales.

The brain is not. a warehouse for facts and figures. So don’t come here with like a big giant box to just put all your information in it, right? Think about it as your brain is a creative factory and you want to take that energy and off the amperage of it, or up the RPMs of it. So when I, I see two things in our industry, I see a lot of burnout and I see a lot of rust out.

Yeah. Burnout comes when I’m doing the same thing over and over and over again. Matt, you talk about new home sales has kind of a shelf life. You know, you just get burned out. the other thing is rust out. We just get bored. Like, I’ve heard this before. I’ve, so I, I’d say fresh new pair of eyeglasses on.

Pretend like you’re new again. Pretend like you don’t know anything. And then when you come to IBS. Pretend like your brain is a creative factory and I’m trying to increase my, my, the vibrations of my brain to be around people that are exceptional. I’d like to say don’t compete locally, compete nationally.

So a lot of us feel really comfortable cause it’s like, well I kicked this guy’s ass. The guy across. That’s [00:32:00] where you come to IBS. You will be humbled because you have some of the best sales and marketing and minds in the country and you’re like. Dang, there are some good people out there. They’re going from being a big fish in a small pond to being a small fish in a huge pond.

So one of my secrets is I don’t compete locally. I’m always saying, who are the top people and what can I learn from them? surround yourself with good people. That brick analogy, a brick has two bricks on the bottom, two bricks on the side, two bricks on the top. Make your goal to have, find two friends, two mentors, and two people that you can encourage and give back to.

And another thing is, I think it’s a big mistake when people are saying. Who do I need to meet? Who can I be connected to? People try to be connected rather than being connected. Right. I know. Be the connect door. Right? Right. So like if I’m like Matt, Oh, by the way, do you need to meet Lisa, Lisa? Do you know John John’s a marketing guy and see how many people you can connect because a lot of us are disconnected and if we can bridge that gap, you will become the connector and you’re the X factor, then that is a, that’s been a career changer for me, like at IBS and trying to make sure instead of being, how many people can I meet.

It’s how many [00:33:00] people can I connect, connect. Oh, then you become the bridge and all the things that you put out there come back to, let me tell you one of my most satisfying. So we just did a talk on the Enneagram and that’s, yeah, I next thing, love him. So this is really big. I, what is the Enneagram?

Enneagram is a. It’s called the Enneagram of personality. There are nine personality types. Real quick, the perfectionist to help her, the achiever, the individualists, the investigator, the loyalists, the enthusiasts, the challenger, and the peacemaker. This will totally change your game as a parent, as a husband and wife or whatever is it relationship, especially in sales.

but I did an Enneagram class. I’ve been doing coaching on this, but I did a home group. Right. This is one of my most satisfying moments. Yeah. And I said, look, let’s go around and introduce each other and you know, talking about like, you know, tell us a little bit about each other and this whole big group, somebody goes, well, Hey, my name is Quinn.

I, my name is Sally, and, I’m here. This group has pointed, invited me in, and introduced me to so and so on. The other person’s like, Oh yeah, well, Quinn introduced me. This person sought us out in this brand and the whole, I felt like this whole group and little community, just a little ecosystem. Almost everybody [00:34:00] had said, like a Quinn had an, had a role in introducing me to so-and-so, which connected with to, and they’ve got lifelong relationships.

Solutely so that if you could be doing that, that’s a game changer. Yeah, no question. No question at all. Okay. I know you’ve got to go. No, no. Tell me what you’ve got to go. You’ve got to go to the airport, airport, right? You’ve got to catch a flight. so I really appreciate your time. Incredible show for you from you.

Incredible job. Congratulations for all you’ve done and all your kind of continue to achieve Matt, building perspective podcast. Follow that. And that’s one of the leaders out there. You’re making an impact. You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re one of the most unique people because you’re a salesperson. You’re a marketer, you’re a leader, you’re a trainer.

You’ve got this. and most of us are really good at one thing. You’re really good at a lot of different things, so man, keep up the great work. Thank you so much, Clint. Have a great day. Thanks bud. All right guys. Well that is going to do it for us this week for building perspective. Live from IBS. Really hope you guys enjoyed some of the [00:35:00] impromptu crazy interviews that we had.

It was a little, a little challenging, like hurting cats at the builder show if you guys weren’t there. I need to make sure that you are at the builder show. It is such an incredible opportunity to meet and network with peers all over the country and learn some incredible things. If you were there and we saw you, well, it was awesome catching up in person as we don’t always get to do that face to face.

but in general, just keep an eye out. We’ll be doing some more IBS, wrap up, bringing in some, some different speakers or I should say different guests onto the podcast and folks that, really killed it at the builder show this year. So, just to have a different perspective cause you know, this is building perspective.

So. Hope you guys have a great week and we’ll talk with you soon. .


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