Boomers are Digitally Booming

It’s a fact — over the last few years, adults aged 55+ have been spending more and more time online. Events of the last year have only accelerated the growing trend of active adults communicating, shopping, and even socializing online. Many were compelled to try new digital technologies like telemedicine and virtual meetings. In fact, according to Hootsuite, 70 percent of people in this age group bought something online in the past month. And over the past four years, there has been a 66 percent increase in this group discovering new products via social media. This is critical for home builders to note — online marketing is for all buyer demographics. 

How to Market to Baby Boom Home Buyers

Considering that baby boomers (ages 57-75) and the silent generation (ages 76-93) together make up nearly a third of new construction home buyers and are among the most financially secure of all age groups, it makes sense to carefully consider them when developing digital marketing strategies. Where is this group spending most of their time online? What are they buying? Where are they consuming their digital news? 


Facebook is a good place to start. Active adults are the social media platform’s fastest growing user group — with no signs of slowing down. It makes sense. Facebook offers a community where they can interact with far-away friends and family, find peers who share their interests and hobbies, catch up on news, and shop — all in one, easy-to-navigate place. These digital interactions are increasingly becoming part of their everyday lives. 


The pandemic also led many in the boomer and silent generations to buy groceries, medicine, and clothing online for the first time. As they continue to learn and gain proficiency with technology and e-commerce platforms, the customer experience will become just as (if not more) important to them as it is to millennials. It is critical for home builders to not miss an opportunity in providing these buyers with relevant, timely, and easily accessed information that can guide them through the new home buying process online.

Be a Resource

As you’ve probably experienced, active adult home buyers have a much longer lead time than other groups. They do lots of research before making a purchase decision as they typically have a home (and belongings) to sell before rightsizing, and sometimes are making cross-country moves to be closer to grandkids or a lifestyle they love. Moving to a new home is a monumental decision for these buyers, one loaded with emotion. In your digital marketing, incorporate messaging that eases their minds, quells their fears, and gets them excited about a new chapter! Our suggestions are to:

  • Use imagery that highlights lifestyle
  • Embrace informative verbiage
  • Highlight the community’s area
  • Illuminate the benefits of rightsizing
  • Showcase healthy living features
  • Discuss connection and socialization
  • Be a good listener

For more marketing tips, read our recent blog post, How to Market to Active Adult Buyers

Bottom line, boomers are digitally engaged, active, online consumers worthy of our attention and marketing dollars. Builders have the opportunity to reach them in ways that are creative, helpful, and meaningful to guide them to a new home community they’ll love.  

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