Best Practices: Job Postings on Social Media

You know how the saying goes: “You’re only as good as your team.” As a builder, your team is the driving force behind the life-changing work that you do. So when you’re looking for new talent, you want to make sure you’re getting your job postings in front of the right people.

Where are those people? Social media. Depending on how urgent your needs are and how much you want to spend, here’s what we recommend when putting your job postings up on LinkedIn and Facebook:


The “Jobs” section of Facebook is free, but this offering hasn’t always proved to be reliable for attracting quality candidates in the past. Your best bet is to post organically — announce that you’re hiring, briefly describe the position and benefits, and provide a link to a careers page on your site or your third-party resume tool (if you use one), or include an email address to send resumes, cover letters, and relevant information to.

When you make an organic post, your current team members can share that post to their own pages, urging their friends to share as well, which increases visibility and gets the word out to a network of quality, interested candidates. If you want to put money behind a post (without appearing “spammy”), boost it to a set audience of your followers and their friends.


As the professional networking platform, LinkedIn is a highly effective place to connect. Similar to Facebook, organic posts increase your chance of reaching and attracting the candidates you want.

But LinkedIn also offers effective paid job postings — it typically costs $6/day to list a job, and our own team has seen great return from these posts for our builders. Recently, in fact, a builder hiring for a sales agent had her top two candidates come from a paid LinkedIn job posting that we put together.

LinkedIn is an incredible vessel to put your job in front of those who are qualified, especially because you can target the location you’re hiring in, the skills you’re looking for, your specific requirements, and more.

Attract the Best Candidates

When all is said and done, you want your candidates to be just as interested in your company as they are in obtaining a new job. Make sure that your posts are passionate — they shouldn’t just spell out the skills you’re looking for, they should reflect your company’s unique personality (and why it’s the best place to work).

With a clear, concise description of the position and its requirements, you’re more likely to attract serious, qualified candidates. But above all else, if you’re able to express why your company will enhance someone’s life in your own words, you’ll certainly attract candidates you won’t want to say no to.

If it’s time to attract your next homebuilding superstar, take your job postings to social media. (And of course, if you need help drafting posts, our team is here for you!)

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