Best Practices: Instagram Stories

You’ve seen them. You’ve created them. You (maybe) enjoy them as much as we do. Instagram stories are the perfect way to get your buyers’ attention in real time — and show them exactly what’s happening with your homes at the moment.

Having a strong “Insta story” strategy doesn’t just prove that you’re on top of current social media trends, it allows you to showcase your unique brand personality and most importantly, keep buyers informed (while keeping them entertained).

Our social media experts put together a list of best practices when it comes to your stories!

Utilize videos. The popularity of video content in today’s digital age continues to soar. Film videos, whether you’re walking around model homes, quick-move-in homes, or construction sites. Use vertical videos correctly sized for stories for an even better response.

Keep it short. Make sure your stories are 30 seconds or less. A single story is approximately 15 seconds, so keep in mind that the more stories you post at once, the less likely buyers will watch everything.

Incorporate add-ons. When you go to post your story, click on the square icon (the one that’s smiling!) in the top right corner to find GIFs, which add the fun flair that everyone loves. If you have your own GIFs created, you and your buyers can search for and use them too! 

Create polls. Listen to your buyers! Utilize polls to see what they want when it comes to your company’s events, incentives, etc. They’re also an enjoyable way to gauge what buyers love most about your homes, from that unique customization option to that beautiful kitchen upgrade.

Text, text, and more text. A lot of users watch stories without their sound on, so if there are specific points you want to make, write them out in clear, concise bullet points. Think of text in your stories as helpful subtitles. 

Add a location. If you add a location to your story, the story will show up when a buyer searches for that specific location. Buyers can also click on the location in your story and see exactly where it is.

Utilize mentions. Have an interior designer you want to tag? Use the mentions button to tag their profile. That person will then be able to share your story directly to their own — which means more exposure and followers.

We know you have a good story to tell! Let our social experts help you tell it. 


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