Behind the Scenes with Group Two’s Creative Department: Evoking Emotions From the Start

A lot goes on behind the scenes at Group Two! Whether we’re discussing strategy with our builders or creating awesome marketing materials, there are always big things happening in our office. Because we’re so passionate about the work that we do for you, we want to give you an inside look into one of our most fun and creative services, our Mood Boards!

If you’ve ever been influenced by colors or images, you understand the emotional impact that visual elements play in our lives. This is why we use images and colors strategically; not only to build a defining presence for your buyers, but also to articulate a “mood” about who you really are, and what it’s like to build with you.

One of the best parts of our job is the chance to uncover and define what it is about your company that makes you so special. After careful research, we craft a Positioning Strategy in order to help you align your team around shared values and objectives. But your unique identity isn’t limited to this written statement. This is where our Mood Boards come in! If you’re thinking — “what are those?” — you’ve come to the right place…

What’s a Mood Board?

A creative collaboration between you and your creative team at Group Two, your Mood Board serves as a visual supplement to your Positioning Strategy. Essentially, it reflects what makes your company different in a way that can be seen — and ultimately felt.

These designs feature specialized images, textures, and colors that convey what you, your homes, and your communities are all about. Each element on your Mood Board serves a purpose, and fits as a piece of the whole puzzle.

Because you have your own personality, we encourage you to understand and define what it is about yourself that you should own within your market — in other words, what differentiates you from other builders. Your Mood Board articulates the unique emotions that your homebuyers feel when they build with you and become homeowners.

Blink Test!

The first thing that we ask you to do when we present a Mood Board is something called a “blink test.” We want you to take an initial look at your board and determine what your intuition says. Does it feel like you? Is this who you want to be? Does it inspire the kind of emotion that you feel about yourself and your work?


Most importantly, we encourage this process to be collaborative and fun. When we present your Mood Board, we make it clear that you’re not limited to a “yes” or “no” response, and we never aim to tell you who you are. Instead, we figure it out together.

Just as builders put in the painstaking effort to make a home perfect, Group Two does the same with each Mood Board!

Keep the Good Mood Going

At Group Two, we never shake the mood… We refer to your Mood Board whenever we create your materials, which allows us to produce pieces that personally connect with buyers. If you understand the power of images and colors just like we do, our fun and creative services are ready for you!

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