At Home with Group Two: Vicky Bak

Vicky BakThe clever, outgoing and multi-talented Vicky Bak is not only a skilled social media marketer, but she’s also known for her incredible artistic abilities. This creativity has helped us develop new and engaging tactics for our builders’ strategies, but now it’s time to get to know the many other sides of Vicky that we love!

Take it away, Vicky!

What do you really do on a daily basis?

I am part of the team that manages a number of our clients’ social media pages; posting every day, creating ads, promoting events and taking care of all the fun opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that helps builders connect with their potential homebuyers on a more personal level.  A lot of buyers turn to social media with their questions, and it’s nice to be involved in helping them find the answers.

This process entails creating content and analyzing the resulting data to make sure the perfect message reaches the right audience.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Group Two?

The people 🙂

What’s your favorite room in the house, and why?

The kitchen! I think a lot of the love in a house lives there. You can cook a delicious meal with your family, have a late night snack with your loved one, or kick off the day with a cup of coffee.

I like to write about, cook, and eat interesting food. A lot of my life revolves around food, so my dream home would ideally have a HUGE, gourmet kitchen.


What can’t you start the day without?

I can’t do anything until I’ve brushed my teeth, and I can’t think straight without a cup of coffee.


What’s something new you’ve learned at Group Two?

Our team is always teaching each other new things and bouncing new ideas off one another. I’ve also learned way more about homes and architecture than HGTV could have ever taught me. Curious about coffered ceilings? Let’s chat.


What’s the most embarrassing/craziest thing that’s happened to you or a coworker in the office?

People always wear unplanned matching outfits. It happens so frequently that it’s not even crazy anymore. Usually, two of us will wear a sundress with a denim jacket –clothes that most girls have in their closets. I knew it was getting out of hand when 5 of us wore striped t-shirts on the same day.


Account CoordinatorIf you could describe your personality as a slice of pizza, what would you be?  

LOL, great question! I would say a veggie slice, because I try to have it all. The veggie slice has a variety of vegetables (healthy!!) but it’s still a slice of cheesy pizza. Carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals – what else could you ask for?

I enjoy having a lot of different projects, organizations, social activities, etc. on my plate, similar to how I like to pile my pizza with a lot of different toppings. That way, every bite may be different, but I enjoy each and every one!


What’s something you love about working with builders?   


They are so passionate about what they do, and that passion energizes my work. Also, I learn something new on every call, whether it’s about homes, marketing, or life lessons in general.

They’re out working with different kinds of people every day, and they always have something interesting to share.


Anything else you’d like people to know:

I once wrote an article about Polish food that went viral – it’s currently the top result in a Google Search for “Polish food!” You can read it here because Polish food is delicious and underrated!

Other than writing, eating, and taking on new and exciting projects, I like to spend time with my boyfriend Greg, my friends and my family!

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