A new year, a new look

We work with some of the best and brightest new homebuilders around the country, so it’s only fitting that they have marketing collateral accurately representing their brand. At Group Two, the strategy behind all of our creative is that it encompasses a builder’s unique selling propositions (USP’s). Time and time again our builders will come to us with existing marketing materials that do not showcase these USP’s, or have become so outdated they no longer mirror their brBeforeand image. In the former case, we work with our builders to develop a strategy that gets the right message to their buyers. In the latter case, well, simply put, these creative pieces just need some extra love (Enter Group Two).


Point in case, one of our active adult builders, EG Home at Chatfield Farms, came to us with a sales folder they had been handing out to clients for the past year. While it was quite lovely in it’s own unique way, it wasn’t a representation of their vibrant community. It featured muted colors, a map that was difficult to read, and area photos that did not do the community (or the surrounding area) justice. This is an exciting and beautiful community, but you couldn’t tell that through this sales folder. Moreover, the buyers at Chatfield Farms are 55+, so it’s imperative any content and images, including locational maps, are extremely easy to read.


When our brilliant Art Director, Mr. Bob DiStefano, got a hold of this slightly drab sales folder, he knew immediately that we needed to align this creative with our overall strategy for this active adult community – to emphasize lifestyle and amenities. With that in mind, Bob sought to evoke a warm and inviting feeling, using the warmth of the yellow from the Chatfield Farms logo, and brightly colored photos. The overall intent was to make people say, “Oooh, I want to live there!” To do so, Bob used large, dramatic photos for maximum impact, highlighting some of the best features of life at Chatfield Farms. Bob broke it down for us:


“On the front cover, the community logo at the top immediately introduces the reader to the neighborhood, while the large exciting photo of the clubhouse pays off the tagline. Proof positive that with a spectacular clubhouse like this, you really can “live better”. The lifestyle photos of happy homeowners, enjoying their new life at Chatfield Farms, lends furtherAfter Shot support to the idea that life here truly is second-to-none.


The inside spread continues to use bold, eye-catching photos to capture the reader’s imagination, offering the possibilities of living in a beautifully-appointed home at Chatfield Farms. The allure of the large creek photo shows that the views here are, indeed, spectacular – inside and out. The message is clear – these are gorgeous new homes of exceptional quality, in a naturally beautiful setting. The copy, while informative, was kept to a minimum to allow the photos to do the talking. The large interior above the pocket is truly a “beauty shot”, complementing the selection of interiors on the opposite page.


The lifestyle theme is continued on the back cover, where the dramatic photos of the clubhouse are meant to “wow” the reader. A small block of copy, above a small map, provides additional useful information and provides more details about the “better” life at Chatfield Farms.  The necessary information at the bottom is neatly organized and readily available for the prospective homeowner’s use.”


In summation, Bob’s intent was to create a piece that was not only informative and visually appealing, but one that would also provide tangible proof – through words and images – that a homeowner really can “live better” at Chatfield Farms. If we do say so ourselves – mission accomplished!


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