A Homebuilder’s Guide to iOS14

Big changes are underway in the wonderful world of digital marketing, and of course, the social team is on top of them! It’s a war of the tech giants (Apple vs. Facebook), and though the outcome is not clear yet, here’s what we know so far about the iOS14 update.

What is the iOS14 Update?

Apple recently announced a new iOS14 update that is set to disrupt aspects of Facebook marketing as we know it. Apple’s latest update to their operating system will now include a data-tracking prompt, like the one below, that users can opt into or out of. This is Apple’s effort to offer a new level of transparency to its users.

Previously, this option was buried deep inside your phone and app settings — Apple’s latest update brings it to the surface. Users must choose before they enter data-tracking apps. For users who allow their apps to track their data, not much should change. For users who ask the app not to track, well…

What to Expect

Facebook believes that Apple’s proposed changes will impact your ability to deliver ads based on engagement with your business, measure and report certain conversions, ensure delivery to relevant audiences, attribute app installs to people using iOS 14 and later, and predict and optimize cost per action over time.

While this will disrupt your current ad strategy, it also means that your buyers are winning back their right to privacy. (And of course, we can all agree that’s something to be celebrated!) Therefore, these changes aren’t exclusively negative — they simply present unique challenges for you to overcome in order to optimize your ad performance moving forward. It’s important to keep in mind that users will continue to gain more control over their data, which is why it’s especially important for you to have refined strategies in place.


Regarding Optimization & Targeting:

  • There will be limited data available for optimization due to the iOS14 update. Facebook predicts a decline in ad performance and a decrease in website custom audience sizes.
  • We will only be able to track up to 8 conversion events if a user opts in to data tracking. At Group Two, we have always prioritized the “lead” conversion. It is not within our practice to work with more than 8 conversion events, so this change does not affect us!
  • If a user selects to opt out of data tracking, we will only be able to track one conversion. This will remain as the “lead” goal in our ads.

Regarding Measurement:

  • The ability for users to opt out of tracking means more privacy for them, which we applaud. In terms of new ways to optimize measurement, Group Two is on top of it.
  • While you may see fewer reported conversions when looking into Facebook Insights, at Group Two, we utilize UTM codes all ads, and also defer to Google Analytics for the most accurate results – as long as your Google Analytics is set up properly, what is shown there  will be the most accurate reporting!
  • 28-day attribution and 7-day view-through attribution models are going away. 7-day click attribution will remain.

How to Prepare

Facebook is taking several measures to combat these disruptive changes. They are creating a pre-prompt that explains the benefits of allowing apps to track data to users.

Facebook will maintain limited web-based measurements of some web events for iOS14 users through their new data-sharing protocol, Aggregated Event Measurement.

Facebook recommends making the following adjustments to your Pixel and Events settings to optimize measurement and performance affected by incoming changes:

  • Verify your web domain immediately. Facebook pixel ownership is transferring from Ad Account to Domain. Verify your domain through Facebook to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes. We are currently working on this for all of our builders and will reach out to your web developers for the steps needed.
  • Rank your top 8 Pixel Events. After a user opts out, Facebook will only be able to collect 1 even based on YOUR prioritization of events.
    In the housing industry, we have already been subject to major, strategy-disrupting changes by Facebook in the past. Just as we did then, we will use the information we have to prepare and adapt.

The social team has already started taking necessary steps, such as domain verification for all of our builders, to prepare for this rollout, and we will keep you updated as we learn more! To help become better prepared for this, know that we will be asking for CRM lists to advertise to, at least bi-weekly!


The Apple update that we have all been talking about has officially launched. We have taken many steps for our builders, some in addition to the ones above, to prepare for this update. As this is rolling out and Facebook is still sending out information on the effects it will have on tracking, we are still keeping our eyes open for new tips to navigate through the update. We are keeping close track of ad performance and audience insights to see how we can adjust our ads to perform best. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Social Corner! 





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