5 Steps to a Successful Instagram Strategy

Are you one of the 700 million monthly users scrolling through Instagram? If so, then you’ve probably noticed this platform continues to build momentum as businesses connect with thousands of potential buyers every day. There are many ways to market your business to the right audience with the right message, and our builders are doing just that. So we’re sharing five tips for implementing a successful Instagram marketing strategy. 


Show users what they want to see. Being versatile with content is key. Instagram has integrated a variety of ways to keep your page interesting, including images, video clips, live video, and stories. Content posted in real-time or ‘behind the scenes’ is what keeps users scrolling through your page longer. Go live in a model home, at an event such as an open house, or simply post a photo of one of your spec homes decorated for the season. Focus on the distinct qualities, features and even team members that make you truly unique. Users are visiting your page to see a variety of content, but they specifically want to see what about your homes and your services makes you different from your competitors.


Hashtag to increase organic reach. While there are many ways to grow your following, posting relevant and trending industry hashtags is the key to organically reaching those looking for photos of your product. Understanding what users are looking for, such as a “custom home”, “new home”, “under construction home”, and more are all ways to increase reach to people outside your actual followers. Posting similar content each week and using consistent hashtags not only demonstrates continuity, but also allows a user to see multiple posts when this hashtag is searched. Even hashtagging local businesses can grab the attention of those in your area, and could result in new followers.


Share user content. Whether you know it or not, your homeowners are likely sharing their homebuilding journey with friends and family on their personal pages. It’s important to frequently search industry hashtags, including your own builder hashtag, to see what others are posting. Whether you come across a homeowner who is just breaking ground or one who is all settled into their new home, it’s important to share this content, as it tends to stand out and perform better than other posts on the page. More importantly, it showcases your involvement with buyers throughout the process and long after their home is built. Don’t forget to tag their account so they can see their featured post on your page, as it will also encourage others to share their photos.


Engage and respond. On this platform, communication is a two-way street. Whether a potential buyer or current homeowner posts comments or questions, it’s important to take the time to engage with users who are interacting with your content. Oftentimes, if a prospect is looking at your page and asks questions about customizations or floorplans, it means they’re a potential lead! Build connections to strengthen that relationship between you and the buyer.


Cross-promote with other social platforms. Last but certainly not least, a presence across all social media sites is valuable in reaching different audiences. Share your Instagram handle on Facebook, encourage followers to visit this page for updates, or drive users to your Facebook page by frequently changing the link in your Instagram bio and referencing it in your posts. A strong call to action across your social media platforms seeks to drive visits to your website.With these tips, you’re on your way to telling your story, connecting with potential and current buyers, and building a presence on one of the most used marketing platforms out there right now. If you’d like help putting these practices to use or furthering your social strategy, contact Group Two today!



By Kendall Rossi –
Assistant Account Manager







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