3 Steps To Marketing Your Grand Opening Event

Grand Opening Event Marketing

Grand Opening Event MarketingDo you have an upcoming Grand Opening, but no marketing plan in place or any idea where to begin? Pull in the experts! Below are three key factors to consider when marketing for your new model or community grand opening.

#1 An event theme is more important than you think! Themes create a buzz. They create additional visual appeal, and they keep both you and your guests focused on the point of the overall experience your company or product is providing. The right theme will serve as a reminder as to why your guests are there. Adding a theme shouldn’t be limited to just your grand opening; consider adding a seasonal theme and incentive to every type of open house event.

As with everything marketing, to choose your theme you must know your audience. Whether it’s an event for prospects, realtors, or current homeowners, select a theme that will excite them. If you’re targeting young families with children, a family carnival may be more effective than a wine and cheese tasting or happy hour.

Grand Opening Event Marketing

Even the simplest of themes can be a meaningful interpretation and effective reminder of your event’s objectives.


#2 Know your audience. We can’t emphasize this enough. Not just when choosing your theme, but when you’re considering your overall strategy for targeting potential attendees. Even the best messaging won’t be seen by your audience if you don’t know who that message is intended to reach. Is your grand openinggeared toward realtors? If so, the language you use and the incentives you offer will differ than if you were marketing to prospects. Consider targeted emails and Facebook ads, in addition to realtor drop-offs and exclusive personal invitations. If your goal is to get in front of prospects, consider the characteristics and features of your product and/or community and what kind of buyer they’re best suited for. This will help you to understand your demographic better and decide which media and digital opportunities would best reach and resonate with this particular audience.

Event Marketing


#3  Have a follow-up plan in place. Your Grand Opening isn’t over when the event itself has finished. Make sure you have a plan for afterward to

keep potential buyers engaged and interested. This can range from follow-up phone calls or emails simply saying thank you, to offering additional promotions or encouraging newsletter sign-ups to leads. It’s also very important to track the results of all your marketing efforts and those who attended. Compiling feedback from the event can also help you tweak your messaging and marketing strategies for future events and Grand Openings.

If you have a Grand Opening on the horizon and would like to discuss more on how to incorporate these tips into your strategy, contact our team today! Group Two’s goal is to drive the right traffic, so you can get people in the door and close the sales that will ultimately make your grand opening a huge success.


By Ali Peters  –Account Supervisor
and Laura Britcher  – Senior Account Manager

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